We’re Waiting, Washington United for Marriage


The atheist crowd is one of the most pro-gay organizations you can find. We recognize the fight for marriage equality is a fight for equality for all of us, because if the government and/or society can persecute one group they can persecute us all (Atheism+, anyone?).

There have thankfully very few cases, but cases nonetheless, when atheists have fundraised for a good cause and the receiving organization has refused the money based off the donation group’s atheistic stance. The most prominent example was when the American Cancer Society refused a half million dollar donation from The Foundation Beyond Belief.  But today’s incident was pretty damn bad.

Washington United for Marriage is an organization fighting to approve Referendum 74, a Washington initiative to legalize gay marriage. This is obviously a goal that atheists and freethinkers support, so the Ask an Atheist people threw together a 24-hour fundraiser and gave the money to the Washington group- which lists their sponsors on their webpage.

So what does WU4M do? They tell Ask an Atheist that they “could not risk any negative publicity that may come from association with an atheist organization.”

To be fair, a few hours after they made this very shitty opinion they reversed it and put up the atheist group on their website. But, I don’t think this is sufficient shielding from the shitstorm they deserve; only a public, true apology can fix that. And until they make that I will feel free to let them know what I think (and you can let them know what you think by writing on their Fb page).

Choosing to ignore a group who is fighting for your rights may be excusable if its some despicable group like The Klu Klux Klan, or the Church of Scientology, or the Republican Party. But most atheist groups, especially the Ask an Atheist organization, are polite and positive people whose aimes are directly in line with the LGBQT equality movement. Atheists are fighting an unfair stigma not unlike that of the LGBQT community, and to have one of these underdog groups insult the other in such a way is unacceptable.

As I’ve said, they have retracted their decision and now showcase the atheist organization. The time has passed for really laying into them, but an apology is truly in order. By wanting to keep the Ask an Atheist association secret, this organization is perpetrating the hideous propaganda against atheists- a group that constantly fights hideous propaganda against gays.

I find it funny how eager and pleased WU4M is for religious donations, but they turn down the actively secular organizations. WU4M, learn who your friends are before you blight your entire goal. Because your decision earlier today insulted every single atheist fighting for civil rights.

[h/t to The Atheist Experience]

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