Why I am pro-choice

There is a whole host of reasons I have for standing on the pro-choice side. I first and foremost believe women have the right to make decisions about their body and their life. I also believe that babies should only be brought into this world if there are people immediately there to take care of it, and that they can take care of it well.

But this one line incarnates my entire argument for keeping abortion fully legal- from the Zingularity blog:

“…Mr Small Government Paul Ryan, who would literally use the power of the State to force an adolescent to carry rapists’ progeny to term.”

If you have any empathy, you would despise Paul Ryan’s views. I think government should have the power to work for us, but the Republican’s version of a  big government is terrifying.

And Todd Akin is an asshole and an idiot. Do I have to say anything more about the issue?

*If you haven’t seen it, and you think you can bear the horrendous color scheme and jaw-dropping stupidity, check out the tumblr “Checkmate, Pro-Choicers!”  You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll lose hope for our future.

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