Conservapedia makes me vomit

Conservapedia’s extreme stupidity, widely-distributed hatred, and overall complete detachment from reality (or morality) makes it amusingly predictable. Basically, the formula is this:

-find a news story

-manufacture a controversy

-ignore all factual information

-put so much conservative spin on it that Sean Hannity would get dizzy

-smack yourself in the head with a hammer

Voila! In five easy steps you have something resembling one of Andrew Schlafly’s opinions.

But, occasionally, they promote a point of view so bizarre that really no one could see it coming. The Conservative Bible Project, where they tried to retranslate the New Testament to be more conservative, was pretty wacky. Claiming the Aurora theater shooter was a sleeper agent brainwashed by the UofColorado neuroscience dept was a bit more clinically worrying. Opposing the theory of relativity because it promoted a liberal way of life: more than somewhat nutty. And presenting evidence that Obama is gay: that’s just plain weird.

And then we got this as of a few days ago:

I knew Conservapedia despised gay people WAY too much, but this kind of shocked me. You may remember this bill from its other popular name, the “Kill the Gays” bill, because the original bill called for the deaths of outspoken homosexuals. Rest assured, that clause was thrown out- now the worse they get is life in prison. So it’s all good. And it looks like it’s gonna pass. 

UPDATE: Ed Brayton highlights an article by Jim Burroway in which he makes the point that the death penalty is still attached to the bill, just obfuscated by the wording of the law.

“A Christmas Gift…”

This brings me to an issue I always think about. Wherever you are, when an argument is somewhere in the midst some hippie peeps up with the phrase “…but I respect your opinion.” Yes, people are always saying we need to respect each other’s beliefs and be nice.


Respect people’s rights to an opinion. But never, ever, ever, do we have to respect someone’s actual opinion. And here is a great case. What moral human being could possibly say, “You know, I don’t agree with Schlalfy’s stance but I respect his beliefs.”

Never respect beliefs. In fact, tear them the fuck down. If they survive, then they’re admirable beliefs. If not, they’re worthless.

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